I used to work on numerous project during my studies as well as a Freelancer.Can’t list them all as some of them was kind of a subcontracting.

Simple site made using bootstrap for the largest taxi corporation in my hometown

As I wanted to make something practical for my final project (for Higher Diploma in Science in Computing) I decided to make a Robot. I have used Lego controller with installed LejOS so was able to upload software made in JAVA. It took mi some time understand framework and how does the hardware works but succeeded. I am planning to publish tutorial on how to program Lego robots using JAVA.

I know that everyone has a website nowadays but it is still kind of an achievement.  For first version of website I decided to use RapidWeaver, now switched to WordPress (decided not to use Bootstrap as I know it pretty well and wanted to make something new).

On the Web Design subject done the simple HTML site. It looks as it looks but customer is happy.

  • My YouTube experience

Couple of years ago I wanted to try myself as a YouTuber. It was more for fun but gained some subscribers and have over 20k views a month. List below shows some of my channels:

Piotr Cierkosz – my very own YouTube channel. This is the place where I upload videos from my trips, my projects as well as stuff for sale,

Chinchillalife – the very own channel of my home pet,

ciertenh – channel with tutorial, some new coming soon

There is couple more but I prefer to stay incognito.