I come from poor family, from small town so I had to work since my childhood. Off-course I won’t describe my experiences as a blueberry picker but I had some positions worth to mention about.

  • Trainee Software Developer @ FDM Group (2016-2017)

SQL, Unix, MS Office – it is amazing how much you can learn in several months. Gained very useful knowledge not only about mentioned subjects but also about corporate life. This experience assured me that Corporate Life is the way I would like to go.

  • Scanning Technician @ Glenbeigh Records Management (2013-2016)

Sounds easy but it is not that easy. My job involved digitalisation using high end Industry Scanners (Sunrise, Prevents, Banctec). I learned the hard way what is shift work. Worked days and nights and enjoyed it. That time I got interested in robotics. From 2016 I started studying so my schedule was extremely tuff (48h of work + 24h of studying), however still managed to travel during weekends. The best I learned during that time was multitasking and time management.

  • Business Customer Advisor (Telesales) @ CCIG (2010-2011)

I used to sell mobile phone plans for business customers. Worked in open office, with very strict rules and very friendly team. This job broaden my creativity and brought a lot of fun ( I am very talkative). Call centre is one of the best opportunities for students – flex hours and good salary. Off-course it is not for everyone but I loved the job.

  • IT Administrator @ BB Bronek Sp. Z OO (2006-2007)

My first official IT job. I used to maintain Company’s computers, website, online sales etc. That times in Poland it was like this – IT guy has to do everything connected to computers. I was never afraid of challenges so I enjoyed it a lot.

  • Other Positions

My first job was IT Service – own “company” from early 2000, had my own base of customers and thanks to this job I managed to get my first car (not too bad as for teenager). Later on during my life I used to work on such a positions as a Kitchen Porter, Sales Representative, Mechanic, Warehouse Operative and even tractor driver. Some of mentioned positions happened during my study breaks and every single one gave me kind of a lesson (fe as a security guard I learned patience).

If you need more details contact me and I will be more than happy to tell you my story.