About Me

Welcome to my website,

My name is Peter (Piotr Cierkosz). I am Software Developer, freelancer, technology freak and wristwatch lover.

I grew up in south-west Poland (Opole) and my head was full of ideas. During my high school, I used to run computer service. Shortly after high school, I got a full-time position as System Administrator – that time it was kind of a guy who does everything computer related.

When Poland joined EU I took a risk and emigrated to Ireland, then to the UK. I felt that I was not doing the right thing so went back to Poland, where I got some decent experience in sales (direct as well as telesales) and Higher Education (BA in Administration). Straight after graduation, I went back to Ireland.

As polish diploma wasn’t really valued by interviewers I decided to study in Ireland. In 2016 I graduated with 2:1 result. I have now Higher Diploma in Science in Computing with major in Software Development issued by National College of Ireland (Dublin). After studies, I have started my first Graduate Program for the largest graduate employer in UK – FDM Group.

Currently, I am brooding my knowledge in Software Development as well as Web Design and IoT. In my free time, I am trying to help out friends with business plans, theses and websites. I am not a typical nerd – I still enjoy going out, travelling (in recent years visited Japan, Morocco, and some EU countries).

I am always pushing my boundaries to the limits. Being in IT makes me feel that I am doing what I am supposed to. It is not about the money – it’s my passion.

Feel free to contact me.